Love out Loud-Be a Change

Love out Loud-Be a Change

LOVE is pure feeling,which everyone is in need of, even in this generation.No ones wants to be lonely, each one needs a partner to be loved. For the sake of this love, we tend to change ourselves in order to look perfect in our partners eyes, we sacrifice our wants and demands to be with them , we tend to make changes in our routines for them , to give them time.We start pampering ourselves for them to seek their appreciation. We look forward for gyming, dieting and our looks matters to us a lot, for being called as a PERFECT COUPLE.

Now if we are fit and good looking, we start pestering our partner to be like us. Why,is it so… we loved them the way were, why these changes.. if we motivate them to do so for healthy lifestyle then that is fine but if we want them to do so, to be like us that is wrong . Their traits could match us, but not their physical appearance.By doing so we are not only trying to bring changes in our bond but also unknowing trying to break the beautiful bond.Some partners try to change themselves for the happiness of their loved ones and those who could not ..their deal with breakup’s and depression.

These days Youth is confused with Attractions and Love..people tend to fall for the one who is more beautiful and more handsome and the ones who are average looking are been kept as best friends. This not only happens with girls but boys as well. By getting attracted towards beauty and appearance we call it as love,and we change ourselves for our chosen people, and as a result we get demotivated if they leave us.

We should not change ourselves for the sake of others but for ourselves. We should love ourselves first then others will love us.Why should we need others love, if we pamper ourselves first. By loving ourselves we not only gain SELF-CONFIDENCE but also we have a balanced emotion, our mind is in peace always.If we follow this for the life time we will always stay happy and never deal with low self-esteem and we will be perfect in our eyes.

We should give ten to twenty minutes of our life to ourselves, we should meditate and talk to our soul.Before consulting others we should ourselves know the difference between right and wrong.We should always listen to others but seek for our advice as well.We should always stay optimistic in life, there are difficult situations in our life but if we talk to our souls first the only we can stay positive in life.

Early in the morning we Should stand in front of the mirror and appreciate us for what we are and for what god has made us, if we are perfect in our eyes then only others will look forward to us and stand by us.So love yourself more only then others will stand by you. We should respect ourselves for what we are cause if we do not do so then others won’t respect us.



Hello everyone, I am a teacher by profession. I love to teach not only through the medium of books but also the virtues and vices of life.

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